About us

Law Firm ”Doka Group” LLC was founded in 2011 by Ukrainian Attorneys and had a specific business direction: ensuring that legal entities comply with contract requirements they agreed to.

With time the firm’s scope of practice broadened. The firm started to assist clients in corporate disputes between owners, shareholders and founders.
As a result of extensive experience in Ukrainian law, and international law as it pertains to Ukrainian business community, we developed a considerable expertise in the area of negotiating settlements that benefit our clients.

One of our major advantages is expediency.

Our firm associates have ability to immediately engage in the process as well as implement previously discussed strategies. This minimizes damages that may result from tardiness.

At the same time, circumstances permitting, every case is approached in depth and from different sides, ideas are put to use quickly, persistently and with the final goal in mind.

Another important achievement of our work is the ability to navigate within the confinements of the law, assuring our clients no challenges in the future.
The most important aspect of our approach is the fact that we do not expect our clients to come up with the ideas how to achieve the goals, but rather strategize ourselves.
We present all the possible options to our clients and help them make the right decision. If our client prefers not to be involved in micromanagement of the case we respect and understand his wishes.

In your decision to hire our firm it would be helpful to know that we successfully worked representing our clients in front of National Bank of Ukraine, State agency overseeing valuable papers exchange, Justice Department, state law enforcement, prosecutor’s office, internal affairs agency, DPA Ukraine, anti-monopoly agency and their affiliates.
To summarize, we will say that we possess the will, resources, expertise, knowledge and experience necessary to be an effective instrument to perform necessary task in interests of our prospective clients.


Generala Yunakiva St, 9-B
Lviv, Ukraine 79039
+38 032 245 05 35