Help For Foreigners in Ukraine
Program for You!
  1. We will meet visitors at their destination or at the border crossing. Our representative will be an expert qualified to legally protect the rights of the foreign person in front of any person, state institution or official. We will explain the rules of a safe visit and advise on the most comfortable stay while in Ukraine. We will accompany the visitor to the place of his stay.
  2. Quick response and defense of the visitors’ rights throughout the entire visit in Ukraine. Arrangement of necessary communication and services (hotel, travel agency, cell phones, internet access etc., explanation of the system of tariffs that would be most advantageous to the visitor).
  3. We will assist the visitors in dealing with law enforcement, traffic law enforcement, customs, intelligence agency and the prosecutor’s office should the need arise.
  4. Support of any necessary insurance interactions, help with accidents covered by insurance and defending rights under insurance policies.
  5. Help in case of a traffic accident, any other accident or illness.
  6. Legal help in case of any difficulties or misunderstandings arise as the guest or his property travels in Ukraine.
  7. Support of any civil contracts and agreements (acquisition of property, investments, etc.)
  8. Assistance with entertainment, ensuring comfortable and interesting stay in Ukraine during the championship.


Generala Yunakiva St, 9-B
Lviv, Ukraine 79039
+38 032 245 05 35