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List of Law Firm ”DOKA GROUP” LLC services

Legal activity to enforce specific performances as stated in contracts

  • analysis of articles of law to find loop holes that can be usedas an avenue to escape contractual obligations or to make sure that such obligations are honored
  • research work to find ways to enforce rights and contracts
  • developing strategies to realize rights and enforce contracts
  • utilize the vast system of state and civil organizations to protect interests of our clients.

Representing our clients in different court systems (general courts, civil and administrative courts) as well as before governmental and non-governmental institutions:

  • serving suits
  • preparation and filing with courts all necessary legal documentation
  • collecting evidence
  • debt collection and ongoing collection enforcement
  • pre-trial and trial defense against illegal governmental actions, actions of entities and personal defense, and restoring rights that were violated
  • legal help to persons and entities in various aspects of the law
  • legal analysis of case
  • preparation of legal documents

Legal help with investments in Ukrainian entities, mergers, takeovers. Real estate land disputes.

  • development and legal counseling in project of buying companies, change of ownership, resisting hostile takeovers.
  • division of influence among directors of companies, ensuring owners control over the property, relationship between owners and management, contract development, management change.
  • legal defense and support of share ownership in Ukrainian companies
  • legal guidance and organizing acquisitions, realizing rights of ownership of property, real estate and land

Help in conducting business activities, corporate interactions:

  • creation, registration, reorganization (merging, buy-in, separation, restructuring), annihilating legal entities of all kinds, legal conduction of bankruptcy proceedings
  • creation and registration of satellite entities, separation of parts of subdivisions
  • extraction of property from entities, transfer and sales, redistribution of shares amongst shareholders (LLC, Ltd., I), legal conducting of exit and expelling members
  • bringing paperwork up to speed with the requirements of current law; development of internal laws and statutes
  • Increasing or decreasing of Statue required capital, shares distribution (decision making, development of release, governmental registration) ceasing and annihilation, renewal of shares registration, structured shares acquisition, bonds creation and registration
  • legal tending of change of shares from their document form to a non-document form (dematerialization of shares)
  • legal support of liquidation of shares, consolidation, division and listing of shares
  • organization and legal support of conducting general shareholders meeting (plan development, announcements, necessary document preparation, conducting), media advertizing, documentation and decision implementation
  • preparing annual and quarterly shareholders reports and specific information and making them public through the internet, as well as submission to DKCPFR….
  • establishing value of property, valuable papers, land parcels and preparing audits
  • preparing of documents, legal guidance of licensure, other permits and trademark registrations
  • business plans and project development


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